My Story

My name is Daniel Hoang.  I have embedded my life into fitness for the past 10 years.  I fell in love with this "lifestyle" because when I was started golfing, I was a scrawny teenager.  All I wanted to do was hit the ball farther.  After the first time I stepped into the weight room at my local country club, I knew that it sparked a different passion inside me.  In my beginning years of fitness, there was no youtube or any forms of social media that really taught me the proper ways of making progress.  I trained 3x a day and instead of going outside to play with my friends like a normal kid, I did P90x in my house.  Additionally, instead of watching normal TV shows, I went online to Muscular Development, Simply Shredded and to read articles and study bodybuilding.

Fast forward to 2012 and having lifted for almost 4 years, I was absolutely obsessed with the sport.  I decided to step on stage.  I hired my coach, whom I worked with for the next 6 shows.  I got 2nd place in my very first show and I knew that I had truly found my passion.  Having qualified for nationals every single show that I ever competed in, I felt that I could do more than just stepping on stage.

In 2016, I begin online coaching.  I started out coaching my friends, family and anyone who wanted to work with me for free.  I wrote nutrition plans, training programs and most importantly, educated those that I worked with so that they could absorb the information from me and spread the knowledge.  This was my new found passion and I knew that deep down inside, this was my calling.

In 2016, I made my Youtube channel and documented my entire training series, "The Competitor."  With over 1 million views on that 70 episode series, I found my purpose.  Not only was it my passion to help spread knowledge and change other peoples lives' through training and nutrition, but it was my purpose.  I started taking on paid clients through my services in mid 2017 and the feedback was phenomenal.  Fast forward to 2018 and I have coached hundreds of individuals JUST LIKE YOU, who seek to not only step on stage, but live their lives in the healthiest way possible while also influencing others around them to do the same. 

It's important for all of you who are reading this to understand that not only do I help people just like you get in the best shapes of their lives, but to also educate you through nutritional science, to be able to sustain it.  Join the hundreds of individuals around the world to do the same.