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Join Renowned Trainer and Fitness Youtube Daniel Hoang to transform your lifestyle.

Have you reached the point that you constantly monitor the scale because you're scared of gaining more weight!?

I know EXACTLY how you feel.  

Hi, Daniel here! I've been where you're currently at.  You have this constant urge to learn how to burn off the body fat and get a cover magazine physique. But you don't know how...

Do Fad Diets actually WORK!?


I've done so much cardio and I can't lose weight.  I'm already eating zero carbs. 



I dieted for 15 weeks and now I've gained it all back in 2 weeks. What do I do?!


Carbs after 9 pm make you fat.


I hate my body.  How do I get all of these love handles off?


I want to have family dinners but I can't have it because it's not in my meal plan.


This program is designed for BOTH men and women of all ages who need help with:

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FAQ - "You've got questions, we've got answers!"

I am a beginner and I have no idea how to lose weight. Is the program right for me?

ABSOLUTELY! Every program is designed for ALL experience levels.  Our goal is to help YOU become 100% self sufficient in and out of the  gym!

Do you coach both men AND women?

Absolutely! We have worked with TONS of men and women from all over the world!

I've dieted myself before but I dropped my calories & crashed my metabolism way too fast. Will you help me avoid these issues?

Yes.  Our approach to dieting is eat WAY MORE than you think you should be eating.  You will be surprised at how much you can eat and still lose weight!

I have NO IDEA how to track macros . Will you teach me?

The goal for this process is to be self sufficient.  Learn that "fitness is meant to improve your life, not imprison it!"

If I have random questions throughout the day, how can I reach you?

You will have 24/7 email support access to us and also consistent communication in the PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP!

I want to lose fat but still maintain my muscle. Is that possible?

With the CORRECT approach, yes it is ABSOLUTELY possible.  It's also possible to get stronger during the process as well!

Do you coach vegans as well?

ABSOLUTELY! In your program, it also includes a full 150+ macro master list when you don't know what to eat!  Dieting made easy!

Are the programs PDF?

Yes, each person will receive their own workouts as well as the complete 6 phase training program that comes with a training log to track your progress!

Will I feel food deprived?

With the "flexible dieting" approach, you can choose to structure your foods any way you want.  This means no more cutting out your favorite foods!

What happens when I am done cutting?

We explore an option of "reverse dieting" which is a transitional period of time to increase your calories while maintaining your amazing physique that you worked for!

All of the necessary tools to succeed at no extra cost!

With a combined experience of 15+ years of training, I have finally discovered the secrets.  In each of the training e-books which are included at no extra cost, you will find all different styles of training.

Daniel's complete training e-book includes 24 weeks of training that is also inclusive of a complete training log to track all of your progress to ensure results! 

A COMPLETE list of 150+ foods to make your life easier and not feel like you have to eat the same boring foods!

You will be given a complete cardio regiment catered towards your activity level. Additionally, you will learn the differences between cardio for fat loss/muscle gain.

A complete supplement guide that you help speed up your fat loss/muscle gain goals and improve overall health!